I am currently in the throes of packing up my apartment so that I can move home to Bloomington, Indiana for the fall semester. I’ll be taking a Turkish language course at Indiana University, spending time with family, and working on plans for the next chapter.

I’ve packed up my life and put it into storage or moved it many times. Each time I tell myself that I never want to do this again. Yet, something compels me to keep seeking new experiences. For some of these experiences, I can just pack a suitcase, but sometimes they require packing up everything. And really, despite a very strong dislike of the physical act of packing—the tape, the boxes, the newspaper for wrapping things, the mess, the feeling of upheaval —I love the effects of packing.

There is something so cathartic about sorting through things. Each of my moves has provided an excellent opportunity to purge my space and my life of the unwanted, the unneeded. There is something very freeing about cleaning out your closets and drawers and cabinets and life. Looking at all you own and having to ask yourself, “Is this worth keeping? Worth boxing up and saving for later?” helps in reevaluating what is important. I generally appreciate these periodic check-ins with myself.

But, the best thing of all? Knowing that there are new adventures ahead!

To that end, be on the lookout for more Tourist at Home posts after I’ve had some time to settle back into Bloomington…

(Feature image from Wikimedia Commons.)

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