Hello. Welcome to inquisitive wanderlust!

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport

I’m Lydia. My desire has long been to see and experience as much of the world as possible. It took me awhile to get started, but once I did, I quickly developed a yearning for travel that never seems to be satisfied. I love visiting new places and learning as much as I can about the locales and cultures I encounter.

My first trip abroad was backpacking in Europe with my best friend, just after graduating (for the second time) from university. We managed to get to six countries on our trip, and since then I’ve added ten more to my list of countries visited. I’ve travelled with groups of friends, with organized tours, solo, and while both studying and living abroad. I’ve also worked in the hospitality industry, at a guest ranch in the Colorado Rockies. I’m always planning potential future trips, some of which have happened, many of which have not (yet!).

I’ve, somewhat inadvertently, turned into a long-time student (although, let’s be honest, if you’re doing it right you’re a student for life, whether you’re enrolled in a school of some sort or not). This means that much of my travel has been done in conjunction with academic pursuits and with limited funds. I’ve had to get creative, which has included time spent teaching English in China, South Korea, and Turkey.

My intention for this space is to incorporate travel stories and advice, drawing on my past experiences traveling and living abroad as well as future adventures, with an understanding of and appreciation for the cultures and people I encounter(ed) along the way.

I will undoubtedly get a little nerdy from time to time. I anticipate incorporating research into my posts, in order to provide more historical and cultural context about the places I visit(ed).

I’ve created this space as a place to revisit and share some of my favorite adventures, take you along on the latest, and dream of potential new ones. I welcome you to join me on my journeys…

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